Take Back Control of DNS Security

DigitalStakeout PDNS is a cloud-delivered DNS security platform that gives you back control and visibility over endpoint DNS resolution.

  • Harden resolution with the only compartmentalized DNS solution.
  • Apply zero-trust fundamentals to recursive DNS security policies.
  • Defend endpoints from ever resolving new domains, DGAs and C2 domains.
  • Reduce the risk of systems accessing vulnerable and compromised domains.

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Why DigitalStakeout PDNS?

At DigitalStakeout, we created PDNS because existing DNS filtering products don't give users the control and visibility they need to protect against threats on the web. With over 300 million registered domains and billions of hostnames, the DNS is growing rapidly, and traditional approaches to security are no longer effective.

That's why we've taken a new approach to defending against threats hosted on the web. We believe that security professionals and system administrators need to reduce the opportunity space for threat actors and mitigate their tactical disadvantage on the modern internet. By providing total control and visibility over what your systems need to resolve in order to operate, you can make it exponentially more difficult and expensive for threat actors to compromise your systems.

Our PDNS solution is designed to deliver future-proof protection, not just reactive DNS filtering and ineffective categories. With our solution, you can have total control and visibility into every DNS query, giving you the power to protect against the latest threats and stay one step ahead of the bad actors. Sign up for DigitalStakeout PDNS today and take control of your security.

"DNS firewalls could have mitigated one-third of the incidents we studied and could have prevented $10 billion in losses in those incidents. Furthermore, because it is likely that a protective DNS (PDNS) could have had a role in stopping one-third of all breaches"

- THE ECONOMIC VALUE OF DNS SECURITY Global Cyber Alliance - June, 2019

Advanced Secure DNS and Secure Web Access Only Offered by DigitalStakeout PDNS

Prevent Internet delivered attacks and reduce malware infections like ransomware by reducing the amount of the hostile domains your endpoints can resolve. DigitalStakeout PDNS proprietary DNS security "virtually" blocks the domain infrastructure cyber criminals have to attack your endpoints.

Instant DNS Defense

Proprietary technology learns your DNS traffic and creates a configurable time barrier between new and untrusted domains to block phishing and zero-day threats.

Trustworthy Web Access

DigitalStakeout Domain Rank™ proactively analyzes and ranks 300 million+ active and inactive domains for safety and trust.

Threat Intelligence

DigitalStakeout PDNS blocks access to known threats and protects against phishing, ransomware and cyber threats in 15+ threat categories.

Security Analytics

Search or forward real-time DNS query logs to your SIEM or XDR solution for threat detection and incident response analysis.

"Using secure DNS would reduce the ability for 92% of malware attacks both from command and control perspective, deploying malware on a given network."

Anne Neuberger - Director, Cybersecurity Directorate - NSA, June/2020

Improve Your Cyber Security with DigitalStakeout PDNS

Malicious Domain Blocking

Advanced security that blocks phishing and exploits from using the DNS protocol to connect to C2 services, exfiltrate data and execute malware commands.

Anycast Network Protection

DigitalStakeout PDNS is delivered through a low-latency 100% highly-available global anycast network, security policy updates go live in real-time.

Real-time Access & Integration

Analyze real-time DNS traffic logs, integrate into incident response tools, or forward to existing XDR, SIEM or log analysis platform.

Economics that Work

Pay as you scale pricing is the most simple, affordable and predictable pricing available in the DNS security market today.