Protective DNS Features

With an extensive set of security, deployment and integration features, DigitalStakeout PDNS is for any organization or service provider that will benefit from a hardened DNS solution that protects against phishing, ransomware, botnets and advanced cyber threats. Get started for free and setup your protective DNS in a simple web-based UI in less than 5 minutes.

DigitalStakeout PDNS overview

Advanced Secure DNS Filtering Features

DigitalStakeout PDNS stops bad actors from having the unfettered agility to use Internet resources to target your organization. To defend against this threat, DigitalStakeout PDNS assumes every domain is hostile and only allows DNS queries for learned and trustworthy domains. DigitalStakeout PDNS is the only DNS security solution that is able to:

  • Block newly registered domains in real-time.
  • Block newly observed domains in real-time.
  • Block dormant or awakened domains in real-time.
  • Disrupt malware downloads and phishing with delayed DNS.
  • Set DNS resolution policies by DigitalStakeout Domain Rank™.
  • Create implicit deny zero-trust security policies.
  • Forward PDNS logs in real-time to your XDR, SIEM or log analytics solution.

DigitalStakeout PDNS Feature Overview


  • Protect against phishing, ransomware and other malware.
  • Proactive defense from new and dynamically generated C2 domains.
  • Continuous protection from millions of malicious and compromised domains.
  • Granular security policies, block pages and advanced security features.

  • Agent-less protection for static IP locations over IPv4 and IPv6.
  • DoH and DoT support for browser-based deployments.
  • Off-network roaming client to protect end-users wherever they go.
  • Multi-tenant design to support any type of organization or service provider.

  • Low-latency 100% highly-available global anycast network.
  • Publish security policies to take effect in real-time.
  • Global protection delivered from 30+ locations worldwide.
  • Transparent performance visibility on public network status page.

Advanced DNS Protection

Prevent Internet delivered attacks and reduce malware infections like ransomware by reducing the amount of the hostile domains your endpoints can resolve. DigitalStakeout PDNS’s proprietary DNS security virtually takes away the domain infrastructure cyber criminals leverage to enable cyber attacks.

DigitalStakeout Domain Rank™

DigitalStakeout PDNS proactively analyzes and ranks 300 million+ active and inactive domains for safety and trust.

DigitalStakeout PDNS Greywall™

proprietary technology learns your DNS traffic and creates a configurable time barrier between new and untrusted domains to block zero-day threats.

Security & Threat Intelligence

DigitalStakeout PDNS blocks access to known threats and protects against phishing, ransomware and cyber threats in 15+ threat categories.

DNS Traffic Analysis

Search or forward real-time DNS query logs to your XDR or SIEM solution for threat detection and incident response analysis.

Detailed Feature List

IPv4/IPv6 Support

Dual-stack support for static IPv4 & IPv6 protocols.

DoH Support

DNS over HTTPS (DoH) for mobile users and remote employee.

DoT Support

Encrypt DNS queries and responses to keep user browsing secure and private.

Global Anycast DNS

100% uptime with fault-tolerant and low latency DNS at 30+ global locations.

Multiple Policies Per Site

Map policies to target DNS severs to create different security policies.

Multiple DoH Addresses

Map DNS over HTTPs policies to target urls to create different security policies.

Real-time Security

Block all major DNS based ransomware, malware, phishing and other cyber threats.

Granular Security Categories

Block domains by selecting a security category or multiple security categories.

Host-level Greywall Protection

Delay access to new and stale hostnames to mitigate zero-hour attacks.

User-defined Lists

Create user defined allow and block policy lists to maintain granular access control.

Real-time Analytics

Simple real-time dashboard to highlight most important threats and events being detected.

Detailed Access Logs

Search, filter and analyze real-time and historical passive DNS query logs.