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Don't wait, get free DNS Filtering and Secure Web Access with DigitalStakeout PDNS.

DigitalStakeout PDNS offers free DNS Filtering and Secure Web Access to help you get started with protective DNS. DigitalStakeout PDNS defends your employees and systems from Internet threats such as phishing, ransomware, spyware, crypto-jacking, and adware. There is no software to install; DigitalStakeout PDNS replaces the organization's ISP-provided DNS. When your endpoints (laptops, desktop, desktop, IoT devices) or employees try to access a domain or website on the web, DigitalStakeout PDNS stops access to malicious, compromised, and untrusted domains. DigitalStakeout PDNS also protects your privacy by reducing the visibility of DNS queries third parties intercept and record.

Start Improving Your Organization's DNS Security for Free

Get started with a free recursive DNS monthly quota of 750,000 requests. Setup is easy and usually takes less than 5 minutes.

  • Supports up to 10 endpoints for free.
  • IPv4 DNS:
  • IPv6 DNS:
  • DoH/DoT:
  • Malware/Phishing Defense:
  • Custom Block List:
  • Custom Block Page:
  • Queries Per Month: 750,000
  • Static IP Sites: 1
  • DoH Virtual Sites: 1
  • Security Policies: 1
  • Tenants: 1
  • Log Retention: 3 Days
  • Log Storage: 1 GB
  • Admin Users: 1
  • Support: Web Only

Create Your Free DigitalStakeout PDNS Account

Please do not attempt to register with a free email account like Gmail or Proton. This free service is ONLY for verifiable and established businesses, organizations and government agencies.

Please enter a valid business email address. Free email accounts cannot be used.

Create a password with 8 characters, 1 digit, and 1 non-alphanumeric like [email protected]#$.

Free service is only for qualified organizations. Unverified accounts will be disabled.

Why Use DigitalStakeout Protective DNS?

We need to rid the world of phishing and ransomware. We need to make it a lot harder and expensive for cybercriminals to operate. The larger the sensor network we have for DNS activity, the more every subscriber benefits from every URL, hostname, and domain analyzed by our security technology. As a result, we mitigate a wide variety of direct and indirect cyber threats to all customers. Most importantly, our mission to make the Internet a more secure place and more difficult for cybercriminals to attack their victims' advances with each participant.

Network Isolation

Harden and control DNS resolution with precision policies and timing mechanisms to reduce risk of a compromise, data breach or ransomware incident.

Malicious Domain Blocking

Use zero-trust to block exploits from using the DNS protocol to connect to C2 services, exfiltrate data and execute malware commands.

Traffic Analysis

Analyze real-time DNS traffic metadata, including name and DNS records, to threat hunt and remediate compromises.


Comply with DNS filtering requirements such as CIPA, CMMC and NIST SP 800-137 continuous monitoring standards.

Why Do I Need to Create an Account?

To provide you an enterprise-grade service, we need to identify your static IP, provide you a DoH URL, and identify any DigitalStakeout PDNS endpoint clients you install to apply your security policy to your DNS and web lookups. Service requires you to have an account and a security policy in DigitalStakeout PDNS. Having an account also enables you to access your DigitalStakeout PDNS dashboard and review your most recent DNS activity logs.

"Using secure DNS would reduce the ability for 92% of malware attacks both from command and control perspective, deploying malware on a given network."

Anne Neuberger - Director, Cybersecurity Directorate - NSA, June/2020

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