Remote Employee Security

As more and more employees are working remotely, it's important to ensure that their devices are secure from online threats. A DNS filtering and protective DNS service, such as DigitalStakeout, can provide an added layer of security for your remote employees, protecting their devices and data from malware, phishing attacks, and other online threats. With DigitalStakeout, your remote employees can work securely from anywhere, giving you peace of mind and ensuring the protection of your company's data..

Prioritize the Security of Remote Employees

As businesses continue to adapt to remote work, it is important to prioritize the security of remote employees. One key aspect of remote employee security is protecting against cyber threats through the use of a DNS filtering and protective DNS service.

Blocking Malicious or Unwanted Websites

A DNS filtering and protective DNS service works by blocking malicious or unwanted websites at the DNS level. This means that employees will not be able to access these websites, even if they have the URL. This can prevent employees from accidentally stumbling upon a phishing website or downloading malware.

Improve Employee Productivity

A DNS filtering and protective DNS service can also improve employee productivity. By blocking access to non-work related websites, employees can stay focused on their tasks and be more productive. This can ultimately benefit the business by increasing efficiency and reducing the potential for data breaches.

DNS is an Additional Layer of Security

Another benefit of a DNS filtering and protective DNS service is the added layer of security it provides for remote employees. Many remote employees may be using personal devices or unsecured networks to access work-related information. A DNS filtering and protective DNS service can help protect against threats on these devices and networks.

Protect Your Business & Sensitive Data

A DNS filtering and protective DNS service is a valuable tool for businesses with remote employees. By blocking malicious websites and improving employee productivity, businesses can better protect their remote employees and their sensitive data.